Producing and clearing quality content is nothing new for businesses in the film and television, music, video game, advertising, and multimedia industries. But creative content is now used by virtually all businesses in building their brands and followings, defining their voice and enhancing their product or service offerings.

We help our clients secure and clear all required rights for all content types – Text, music, video, photography, graphic design – each have their own rules and peculiarities.

We also represent our clients in the context of the various production, licensing, distribution or talent agreements used to monetize these rights.

  • Drafting and negotiating production, licensing and distribution agreements
  • Acquiring Music, video, film, photography, virtual reality, and multimedia rights
  • Acquiring rights from copyright collectives, publishers, labels or studios
  • Counseling on publicity and image rights issues
  • Negotiating errors and omissions insurance agreements
  • Counseling with respect to guild and union matters
  • Drafting and negotiating talent agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating management, agency, and representation agreements
  • Ensuring compliance of advertising with privacy, language, and other regulations
  • Assistance in obtaining grants and subsidies
  • Litigation in the entertainment sector


Why the Future of Entrepreneurship Is Small

Why the Future of Entrepreneurship Is Small

Here’s why the future looks bright for small businesses. In his book, Zero to One, iconic Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel famously argued that “Competition is for losers.” Thiel argued, “If you want…

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